Verstappen called to stewards over yellow flag infringement –

The Red Bull driver, who declared lead with his first lap of Q3, was the last male through the final corner after Valtteri Bottas had crashed in to the barriers.

With a single yellow flag on display screen on the exterior of the corner, Verstappen set a quicker sector time than he had on his supreme lead lap.

There were ideas that the mini-sector times– which are used by the FIA to evaluate in more information how a motorist has actually reacted– did show he slowed.

After Verstappen declared in the post-qualifying press conference that he had not slowed for Bottas’ crash and the stewards have more evaluated the matter, the FIA has actually now summoned him for examination.

Asked after certifying about the incident, Verstappen said: “I knew that Valtteri crashed.”

When pushed further on if he backed off, Verstappen said: “It didn’t actually look like it did it? No.”

He was also defiant about keeping his foot in for the incident.

Read Also: Formula 1 motorists are told clearly in the FIA’s pre-event notes every weekend that they should decrease in receiving yellow flags.

If there is a single-waved yellow, the FIA states: “Drivers ought to decrease their speed and be prepared to alter direction. It must be clear that a driver has actually reduced speed and, in order for this to be clear, a motorist would be anticipated to have braked earlier and/or discernibly lowered speed in the pertinent marshalling sector.”

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