Philadelphia police clear Gritty, the Flyers mascot, of any criminal wrongdoing – NBC News

Comcast Spectacor and NBCUniversal, which owns NBC News, are subsidiaries of Comcast.

Gritty was accused of pushing a 13-year-old young boy from behind throughout a meet-and-greet for Flyers season ticket holders on Nov. 19 inside the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.

“That investigation, which has actually been finished and is no longer active, identified that the actions of the private depicting the Flyers’ mascot did not make up physical assault as declared,” according to a Philadelphia authorities statement.

The young boy’s daddy, Chris Greenwell, grumbled about Gritty to Comcast Spectacor, the company that owns the Flyers. Greenwell stated his boy innocently tapped Gritty on the head prior to the Broad Street Bullies mascot assaulted the kid.

“He taps Gritty three times on the head, a light tap,” the daddy said. “After that, my son walks away. Gritty had to do with 8 feet far from my boy, got out of the chair and lunged at him and struck him in the back.”

Gritty won’t be doing whenever in the charge box.

The googly-eyed, 7-foot-tall Philadelphia Flyers mascot did not commit any criminal offense and will not be arrested for its alleged tussle with a young fan, police said Monday.

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