Anthony Anderson asks NASCARs Bubba Wallace about Trump targeting yet another Black athlete – The A.V. Club

Anthony Anderson, Bubba Wallace

Anthony Anderson, Bubba Wallace

Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live Anthony Anderson kept in mind in his monologue on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live that he’s been on the ABC talk show– guest and now guest host– over 40 times. That the Black-ish star’s been filling in for the vacationing Jimmy Kimmel for the very first 2 live programs because Kimmel likewise surprising) before his race at the Talledega Speedway following the occurrence. “That moment there broke me,” said Wallace (actual first name, Darrell) over a clip of him being comforted by his Richard Petty Motorsports leader, NASCAR legend Petty. Describing that, like in all other sports, motorists keep a competitive distance at times, Wallace said that it was inspiring that, in a sport that “a lot of people have their doubts about,” the gesture was a minute where everyone “let themselves be a human.” Unless you’re Donald Trump, obviously, who continues to be whatever he is.

, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, and Tuesday’s visitor, NASCAR chauffeur Bubba Wallace, then let’s call it a happy coincidence.

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