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If/when the National Hockey League returns next month, 16 of the 24 staying teams will be thrown into the Stanley Cup Qualifiers, a playoff round developed due to the sudden end of the 2019-20 regular season.

The Stanley Cup Qualifiers are generally suggested to simulate the remainder of the season. The qualifiers round pits the bottom four playoff groups in each conference versus the top 4 non-playoff groups in a best three-out-of-five series with each winner proceeding to face the conference’s top 4 teams. Those four teams will be playing their own round-robin competition to identify their seedings from 1-4.

With a brand-new format comes an opportunity for new logo designs, and yes, the NHL now has a series of logos specifically for this scenario.

The logo designs all follow the same format of the existing 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs and 2020 Stanley Cup Final logos with the last word swapped out for”Qualifiers “. The NHL has utilized this exact same logo design for its playoffs given that 2013. In French, the new round is being described as Ronde de Qualification de la Coupe Stanley 2020,

which is reflected in that logo design. Each of the 8 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Qualifiers matches will likewise have their own specific matchup logo, this again follows the exact same format as the usual Stanley Cup Playoffs and Final round”match logo designs”.

There’s been no date set yet for the start of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs however speculation has been that things could get underway in the last week of July. The league has set July 10th as a time frame to open group training school.

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